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Hosted by the Foundation for Nonduality, we hold monthly live video events on YouTube and Facebook where a panel of A Society of Soul’s teacher’s and senior students discuss the interface between ideas about nonduality and our daily lives.

We are dedicated to exploring how the principles of nonduality can impact and change our personal and communal lives for the better.

Replay past events here.

“Exactly As I Am Is Enough” is a guided meditation that brings you into the present state of Beingness by including all that you are. It reminds the practitioner of their innate wholeness and the sacredness of their humanness. It fosters deep self-compassion and acceptance by grounding in the reality of your place in the universe. It is perfect for anyone who wants to remember who they are on the deepest levels through radical self-acceptance.


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Damon Farnum is a spiritual therapeutic coach based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He helps people on a spiritual path deal with real-life problems so they can heal, grow, and thrive in the life they sense is possible.