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Hi, I’m Damon.

I know intimately what it’s like to be confronted by a life experience that doesn’t align with what you know is possible.

I am a life-long seeker of healing and self-transformation

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I am a life-long seeker of healing and self-transformation

I’m also a Nondual Kabbalistic and Shamanic Healer, spiritual teacher, and intuitive. I have dedicated my life to the evolutionary journey of the soul. The work I do involves healing and integrating the difficulties we all have from simply being human and manifesting more of our innate Wholeness in all aspects of life.

I am committed to helping others who are on their own healing journey and are interested in reducing the suffering in their lives by healing emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to create more fulfillment, freedom, and abundance for themselves.

Healing isn’t a state we arrive at; it’s a journey we undertake. I create an openhearted space where anyone can show up as they are and safely work with all that is needed for true healing.

A Holistic Approach Through Integration of Modalities

Throughout the decades I’ve been immersed in this work, I have integrated aspects of many spiritual paths and traditions into a dynamic healing practice.

The Nondual practices of A Society of Souls, including Nondual Kabbalistic Healing® and Nondual Shamanism, form the backbone of my healing work. They are a unique integration of Kabbalah, Buddhism, modern-day western psychology, and Shamanism from a Nondual view. These modalities recognize the innate Wholeness we all have, simultaneously with the need and desire for healing.

I also incorporate a deep foundation of The Pathwork®, which is a pursuit of inner discovery, grounded in deep personal psychological transformation.

Damon Farnum headshot with blue shirt
All the work I do to help others is possible because of the lifelong transformational journey I have been on myself. The deep inner work I have done, and continue to do, allows me to be fully present, have the ability to see the subtler currents shaping my clients’ struggles, and engage and work with them directly.

In addition to my spiritual work, I have had an unusually successful business career. Through these experiences, I proved that even in traditional business, by being committed to doing the inner work and facing your own internal conflicts from a healing perspective, success and manifestation can’t help but to unfold and grow in surprising ways. I was also able to fundamentally heal the Material/Spiritual split in myself that so many of us carry.

Whether in Spiritual Therapeutic Coaching or Transformational Business Coaching, I work directly with all aspects of a person’s being, helping them to have more fulfillment, freedom, and abundance for themselves in all areas of life.


  • BioBridges – Sr. Director of Client Services, 2006 – 2023
  • Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, 4-year program graduate with Jason Shulman through A Society of Souls: A four-year intensive in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing and personal transformation including body-psychology, psycho-spiritual inquiry, and kabbalistic healing techniques.
  • Nondual Shamanism, with Jason Shulman through A Society of Souls: A model of training focused on the consciousness of the healer, expanding the degree of openness beyond the psychological framework for deeper healing to occur. It conditions the healer to relate to our place in the universe in a particular way that allows for deeper communication with the innate healing arc in each of us.
  • Impersonal Movement Studies: 2-year training of Impersonal Movement I and II with Jason Shulman – a moving meditation and practice that facilitates a unified exploration of Reality.
  • Work of Return Professional Training through A Society of Souls: An embodied movement practice aimed at self- healing and working with persistent symptoms such as with PTSD and trauma.
  • A Society of Souls – MAGI Process: A dynamic conflict resolution and awakening process for meeting, engaging and working with the world as it is, including imperfection, difference, constant change and dissonance as an integral part of it.
  • A Society of Souls – Advanced Studies: Engaged in ongoing advanced study, deepening the understanding and practice of the unitive state and healing modalities.
  • A Society of Souls – Spiritual Leadership Training Program
  • Pathwork of California – 4-year Pathwork Transformation Program, Graduate
  • Pathwork of California – Advanced Lecture Studies

Damon Farnum is a spiritual therapeutic coach based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He helps people on a spiritual path deal with real-life problems so they can heal, grow, and thrive in the life they sense is possible.