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Live the life you sense
is possible

Therapeutic Coaching for Spiritual Seekers
(who sometimes still struggle with living on Earth)

Transform your challenges

Cultivate self-compassion

Shift from the inside out

Welcome, dear seeker

Each one of us has our unique struggles. Perhaps it’s a stressful job, relationship issues, feelings of isolation, or an inner turmoil that just doesn’t seem to subside. Yet we all share a universal longing for peace, health, and a feeling of wholeness. Sometimes, we just need a little help. We all deserve to be truly heard and understood, to gain fresh perspectives, and to have a reliable guide on our healing journey.

That’s where spiritual therapeutic coaching comes in. I’m not about slapping band-aid solutions on deep wounds or tiptoeing around the tough stuff. We’re going all in, together, tackling your challenges head on. We’ll look those hardships in the eye, uncover the layers of what’s really going on, and navigate a path towards the peace and balance that’s been waiting for you. The goal here isn’t merely to survive — but to thrive, in a life that feels truly your own. Are you ready?

“Damon’s influence has been transformative.”

“When I found Damon I was in a super dark place. I felt heartbroken and alone.  His non-judgmental, gentle presence allowed me to share my most vulnerable and traumatic experiences. I’ve never felt as safe to go as deep with my healing with anyone before Damon. His influence has been transformative, teaching me to establish healthier boundaries and tackle confrontation with grace. The progress has been amazing. I’ve recommended him to many.”

— O. N., Massage Therapist

Why does life sometimes still hurt so much?

These days, more and more people are peeling back the veils and exploring the mysteries of spirit and soul. But despite all their seeking and study of deep wisdom, many find that being human hasn’t gotten any easier. They still feel hijacked at times, tossed around by very painful, very present real-world problems. I hear them say things like, “Shouldn’t I be farther than this?” “I thought I was done with that!” “It’s too much!”

  • Difficult thoughts & feelings (depression, loneliness, anxiety, grief, anger, shame, confusion, numbness, etc.)
  • Feel inauthentic in their lives
  • Self-judgment
  • Break old patterns at the source
  • Connect to inner Wholeness
  • Not feeling valued
  • Unhealthy relationships (divorce, codependency)
  • Hitting a wall with their goals
  • A job they hate
  • Physical health challenges
  • Dark nights of the soul
  • Facing scary transitions

Why does life sometimes still hurt so much?

These days, more and more people are peeling back the veils and exploring the mysteries of spirit and soul. But despite all their seeking and study of deep wisdom, many find that being human hasn’t gotten any easier. They still feel hijacked at times, tossed around by very painful, very present real-world problems. I hear them say things like, “Shouldn’t I be farther than this?” “I just can’t get it together.” “It’s too much!”

Many of my clients have struggled with:

  • Burnout & overwhelm
  • A job they hate
  • Not feeling valued at work
  • Depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Divorce
  • Codependency
  • Self-judgement
  • Physical health challenges
  • Trauma
  • Dark nights of the soul
  • Feel inauthentic in their lives
  • Facing scary transitions
  • Hitting a wall with their goals
  • Difficult emotions and states of mind (grief, anger, shame, confusion, numbness, etc.)

“Working with Damon left me with a deep comfort that I still carry inside myself.”

“He was masterful in meeting me, and helping to re-oriente me to my own caring, kindness and self-belief. Our conversations revealed unspoken treasures, surpassing traditional talk-therapy with his presence and intuitive inquiry. His quiet meditative healings brought me comfort as I connected to Grace. As a result of our sessions, I engaged my relationship and business challenges with far more ease and confidence with integrity in my actions. This reduced my stress and anxiety, making me far happier to be me.”

— Andrew Newman, Author, Founder, Conscious Stories

You deserve to know your wholeness

Nothing in the universe can be anything but holy.
Yet we often don’t experience life that way.

I believe every single part of you deserves tenderness, compassion, and love. It’s your birthright. When you get support to bring care to your suffering, you can unlock the experience of peace — as more than just an idea. From there, it’s easier to deal with any of life’s challenges, and to create more of whatever you want. This kind of healing and change starts from the inside, then ripples outward through your life.

Embrace all aspects of yourself
Celebrate your strengths and find the courage to work directly with your weaknesses. We’ll practice total self-acceptance — the first step to genuine self-love and profound personal growth.

Cultivate a more fulfilling, authentic life
Learn to let your true self shine. I’ll help you listen to your longings and act on them, so you get closer to the life you’ve always sensed is waiting for you.

Find more ease in your relationships
Healthy boundaries and open communication are natural expressions of the wisest parts of us. We’ll practice tapping into this power to help all your interactions become more relaxed.

Feel more freedom and joy
When you feel healthy emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, you unlock a deeper sense of calm and presence, no matter what life brings next. Together, we’ll tackle anything that’s in the way of this state.

Damon Farnum headshot with blue shirt

I get it: Being human is hard

Hi, I’m Damon. I know how difficult life can get sometimes. I’ve spent most of my life pursuing deep healing work — including starting therapy at age 4. I have a very long list of training and credentials — essentially a Ph.D. in spiritual healing. But honestly, that’s kind of besides the point. What I know for sure is this: The damnedest thing happens when we turn towards our hardest material and invite it to come closer. It returns to its rightful place inside of us, and we don’t need to be scared of it anymore.

Somehow, life gifted me with a natural knack for actually doing this. For 30+ years, I’ve explored and welcomed home my own hurting, shameful parts. Thanks to my own deep exploration, I can offer a space that helps others find more freedom and fulfillment as they practice the same.

“I now feel my authentic self shining through.”

“I came to Damon during a ‘dark night of the soul’ period, depressed, anxious, and feeling inauthentic. His wisdom, insight, and practices facilitated the healing of my wounds and acceptance of all parts of myself. We uncovered lifelong behavior patterns and the root cause of my issues, helping me shift greatly in eight months. I now feel my authentic self shining through, enabling major life changes. We end each session with a healing, perfectly sealing our practice. I recommend his transformation coaching to anyone ready for real change.

— Emma H., Executive Administrator

3 Steps to More Freedom

Acknowledge your longing

Feel a nagging tug at your heart? This work is for those who know, deep down, there’s more to life than their current reality.

Request a free discovery session

Kick things off with a no-strings-attached, 90-minute chemistry call. We’ll use this time to get acquainted, get clear about what you desire in yourself and your life and start to map what’s holding you back from the life you long for.

Learn to live as your truest self

When we heal past hurts, ditch the limiting beliefs, and embrace real self-love, there’s no limit to what we can do. Get ready to live life as the fullest version of you.

“I’m thriving like never before.”

“A few years ago, I left my job to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. Six months in, I hit a breaking point where I was stuck and miserable. I was dealing with friction and conflict everywhere — clients, peers, family… even my dog. I needed a full transformation on how I approached problems. Damon gave me tools and perspectives that changed everything. Today, I’m thriving in my personal life and my business like never before.”

— Dave M., Real Estate Business Entrepreneur

How Spiritual Therapeutic Coaching with Damon Works

No ungrounded “positive mindset” B.S. here. We dive deep to the roots of your difficulties to help you manifest more of the life you’ve been yearning for.

6-month commitment

Real transformation doesn’t happen overnight. We’ll foster a safe, trusting, and dedicated space to help you achieve the profound and enduring change you’ve set your heart on.

75-minute sessions

This work goes well beyond talk therapy. We’ll begin each call by focusing on what’s most crucial to you right now. As the deeper roots of your challenges surface, we’ll transition into intuitive healing work tailored to what the moment demands.

Meet every 2 weeks

Maintaining a regular rhythm allows for meaningful processing and integration. Fortnightly sessions provide a balance between reflection, action, and rest, allowing the transformational process to unfold naturally and at its own pace.

Interim support available

I’m here for you in between our regular sessions, offering additional support through email, as well as emergency sessions if needed. Because the path to self-discovery doesn’t pause when the clock runs out.

Here’s some of what you might experience

Rather than “trying to change,” I’ll take you through a process that gently integrates all aspects of yourself and allows a “whole” new version of you to unfold.

  • Unprecedented kindness and acceptance of yourself
  • A clearer connection with your longing and desires
  • A deeper understanding of your past and present difficulties
  • The ability to accept, integrate, and heal from past issues
  • The manifestation of more of what you want in your personal and professional life
  • A newfound power to navigate challenges with grace and ease — without getting “hijacked” or losing yourself
  • Feeling settled in your own skin
  • Having some of your most difficult, hidden away places heard and met with complete compassion and safety, often for the first time
  • A more real and embodied sense of connectedness to your spirituality and the greater universe
  • Feeling more here for your life
  • Becoming a force of presence and compassion in your family and community

“I feel seen, affirmed, and understood.”

“I look forward to every interaction with Damon. His unique, sometimes even weird approach opens up unexpected insights,pushing past traditional methods I’ve exhausted over the years.  I feel seen, affirmed, and understood during our sessions. While I initially hesitated due to cost, I now see these engagements as a valuable investment in my self-care and mental health. I’ve experienced so many welcome synchronicities since I started working with him.

— Paula B., Non-Profit Outreach Professional

Get a taste of transformation

Join monthly workshops for a glimpse into my distinctive approach to healing and growth.

Most events are online on Zoom; some are in-person in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Life is a mystery, but coaching shouldn’t be. Here are answers to questions that often pop up on the path.

Are you a therapist?

No, I’m not a licensed therapist. I’m a spiritual therapeutic coach, focusing on aligning your actions with your deepest truths. While I have training and experience in various modalities of healing, I do not diagnose or treat mental health disorders.

What makes this work special?

The healing modalities I practice work with levels of reality that aren’t touched by other more common modalities such as traditional therapy, reiki, energy medicine, breathwork, etc. While these can be great complementary tools, the work we do here is different. We intentionally engage with aspects of reality that require dedication and commitment, a process that is quite unique

Even the therapeutic work I do works on the level of helping the soul to grow, not just make the personality function better — though it does that too.

Who can benefit from this kind of coaching?

Anyone who feels stuck, wants to explore deeper aspects of their being, or is seeking a more meaningful, peaceful, and authentic life. I have worked with and helped professionals, therapists, parents, holistic leaders, artists, retirees, seekers, and more.

What if I’m not spiritual, is this coaching still for me?

Absolutely! The principles of self-discovery, authenticity, and personal growth are universal. You don’t have to be “spiritual” to benefit from exploring your inner world and making changes that align with your true self.

Is this work online or in-person?

Coaching sessions are online, specifically via Zoom. This gives me the flexibility to work with individuals from all around the globe, right from the comfort of their own homes. All you need is a stable internet connection, and we can begin our journey together.

Will this coaching conflict with my religious beliefs?

Spiritual therapeutic coaching isn’t tied to any specific religion. It focuses on personal growth, self-discovery, and healing, which can complement any belief system.

What kind of issues can be addressed in our coaching sessions?

This work can address a wide range of issues like burnout, unhealthy relationships, loneliness, life transitions, etc. Basically, anything that’s causing distress or preventing you from living a fulfilled life.

Can I cancel or reschedule sessions?

I understand that life can be unpredictable. I have a flexible rescheduling policy, but I do require a certain amount of notice.

Why do you require a 6-month commitment?

Great question. This kind of deep, transformative work takes time and patience. A 6-month commitment ensures we can thoroughly explore, heal, and integrate your experiences. It also allows time to build trust and develop the tools you need to sustain the positive changes in your life. It’s about setting the stage for lasting transformation, not quick fixes.

How much does coaching cost?

The cost of our coaching sessions varies depending on the specific package and needs of the client. I recommend requesting a free session so I can provide you with a personalized quote. Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately not. I believe in the value and transformative power of this work and strive to make it accessible within my pricing structure. Please reach out for more information about possible payment plans or packages that could work for you.

Damon Farnum is a spiritual therapeutic coach based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He helps people on a spiritual path deal with real-life problems so they can heal, grow, and thrive in the life they sense is possible.